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We are thrilled to share that OQEMA can now offer THF from a biobased source. OQEMA has a long term established business relationship in DACH with our THF supply partner Novamont S.p.A. Beside the established S- and P- grades, as well as the low water and non-stabilized grades, we can now offer S- and P-grades from a biobased BDO.

🌱 Biobased BDO is generated via fermentation of starch used as starting material for biobased polyester to convert this into biodegradable plastics.

🌱 During this BDO conversion THF-Bio is formed as a side stream.

🌱 The THF-Bio offers a biobased content of min. 95% according to EN 16640:2017

Solvent: THF is an excellent solvent and is often used in laboratories and industrial processes to dissolve various substances. It is particularly useful for dissolving organic compounds and polymers.

Reaction medium: THF is often used as a reaction medium in chemical reactions. It can serve as a dispersant or catalyst in various synthesis processes.

Versatility: THF is versatile and has applications in many fields, such as organic synthesis, polymer chemistry, pharmaceutical research and the paint industry.

Good solubility: THF has good solubility for a wide range of substances, making it a popular choice in many chemical processes.

Low viscosity: THF's low viscosity makes it easy to handle and facilitates transport and dosing in various applications.

Low boiling point: THF has a comparatively low boiling point, making it a suitable solvent for reactions at moderate temperatures.


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